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Kids Urgent Care Operational Updates

September 13, 2017: 4:08PM

Winter Park and Lake Mary Kids Urgent Care locations have resumed their normal business hours. Thank you for your patience.

Face to Face Medical Care Provided for FREE by Florida Hospital

Should you need urgent care, Florida Hospital has decided to waive their $49 fee for eCare visits now through Friday, September 15.

Florida Hospital providers will be available 8AM-8PM each day with no appointment necessary. Users can expect live & secure tele-health consultations for a range of services that include:

• Skin Conditions
• Minor Injuries
• Lower Back Pain
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Could the Tummy Ache be Appendicitis?

As parents, when we hear the phrase “my tummy hurts,” we respond with the usual rapid fire questions: Where does it hurt? Is it gas? When was the last time you went number two?

Even with those questions that only a parent can ask, how do you know if your child’s stomach pain is not something more? At first, appendicitis might seem like a simple tummy ache. However, there are a few tell-tale symptoms that should raise concern.

Could the Tummy Ache be Appendicitis


Signs of appendicitis

The appendix is a small organ, about the size ...

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How to Avoid Your Kid’s Tantrum

Kid’s inability to express themselves and lack of control over their emotions often leads them to throw temper tantrums.

Here are few ways you can avoid tantrums:

  • Reduce the triggers

As parents, you may notice that tantrums tend to happen at very specific times. They can repeatedly occur when you are on the phone, talking to a friend, shopping, or anytime when your attention is diverted from your child.

Keep an eye out for patterns that happen before your child throws a tantrum. If temper tantrums are common for your child, then it may help to prepare a chart to keep track of when ...

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Is it a Bladder Infection?

Bladder infections, also known as Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), are fairly common among children. Because most of the symptoms of a UTI are similar to many other illnesses, parents don’t usually recognize when their kids are suffering from a UTI.

The initial symptoms of include:

  • a high fever
  • nausea
  • physical weakness
  • irritability
  • poor appetite
  • difficulty in gaining weight
  • Jaundice (in infants)

These symptoms can easily be confused with symptoms of other illnesses. Parents often attempt to treat these symptoms with over-the-counter medication, based on what they think it might be. As you can imagine, this is why UTIs go undetected until specific symptoms begin manifesting.

These specific symptoms ...

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Tips for Helping Kids with Homework

Going to school and studying is one of the most important activities that kids can be responsible for. It takes up a huge portion of their time, and it often plays a deciding role in their careers and future success. When parents help kids with their homework, not only do kids excel in school, but they also learn discipline, understand the importance of self-completing tasks, and they form a bond with their parents who become their role models.

Helping children with homework doesn’t always mean that parents are hunched over their tables for hours making sure they do each ...

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Helping Kids Help Around the House

If your job, household chores, and your role as a parent are all taking up the little time you have for yourself, then it might be time to include your children when needing help around the house.

Children adopt habits according to what they observe. Taking charge of small household chores will equip a child to take up bigger responsibilities down the road. Trusting your child with tasks around the house instills in them a sense of importance, as well as relieves you of one more task.

Here are some ways that you can incorporate your kids in your daily household routine.


  • Make ...
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Cooking with your Kids

Cooking is one of life’s important skills. The ability to be self-sufficient and not have to rely on others for food is a great advantage for your health.

Cooking with your children is the easiest way to teach them this life skill. Getting your kids comfortable in the kitchen early on in their lives will make it easier when they become adults.

The time you spend in the kitchen with your children improves interaction and communication between you and your kids.

Boosts confidence

Mastering the art of cooking boosts their confidence. They are now able to do something that is expected primarily from adults. ...

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Encouraging Picky Eaters

Eating healthy foods is essential for your growing child’s cognitive and learning capabilities. But, a lot of kids become picky eaters at some time in their childhood, which is quite common.


Appetites can take a back seat due to a wide variety of factors including allergies, flavors, problems with digestion, being distracted, among other reasons. Here are some great ways to help manage the picky eaters in your family:


Introduce fruit & veggies early

Make sure you regularly include a variety of fruits and vegetables in daily meals so little ones grow up with a taste for them. If you are open ...

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A Step-By-Step Guide on Teaching Kids How to Ride a Bike Safely

Learning to ride a bicycle is one-time achievement that has a long-term pay off. Once mastered, it will never be forgotten. Cyclist parents are more than enthusiastic to pass on the passion of cycling to their children. But it’s important to enforce safety when it comes to teaching your kids how to ride a bike.


  • Safety gear

Before your kids get on a bike, they should be fully equipped with the right safety gear. The most important item is the helmet, since it protects an imperative and sensitive part of the body, the head. Make sure that your kids have helmets ...

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Comforting Your Kids During Shots

Immunizations are an integral part of your child’s health. However, the experience of being vaccinated is not free from the pain and ailment. This entails taking the necessary steps to make the process less painful and agonizing both for you and your child.

If you are worried about how your child may react to a shot, you can try different ways of distracting your child. From the way you hold your child, to the way you communicate to them is vital to help your child get through the “prick” with minimum pain and tears. Some children may withhold their tears through ...

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