4 Tips to Keep Your Family Vacation Free from Illness

Getting sick while on vacation is never on our itinerary but preparing for unexpected illness can help keep your family’s summer plans right on track. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks when planning ahead for illness.

1. Pack a first aid kit

Make sure it includes: bandages, upset stomach relief medicine, anti-inflammatories, and any other prescriptions your child might need. Be especially certain to bring allergy medications for any known severe food allergies.

2. Know your coverage

In the event you or someone in your family does become sick or injured, be sure to have your insurance information readily available. If you’re traveling out-of-state, it may be best to look into what urgent care providers, local to your destination, are in- network with your insurance provider.

3. Avoiding motion sickness

If you’re planning a road trip consider these precautions:

– Avoid greasy or spicy foods that might upset your children’s stomachs during the trip. If your child must eat en route, a bland snack like crackers and water are always easiest on the stomach.

– A strong or pungent odor may aggravate symptoms of motion sickness. So while traveling, be sure to remove items such as greasy or fried food, perfume, or air fresheners from your vehicle.

– Open a vent or source of fresh air if possible and do not have those prone to motion sickness sit backwards from your direction of travel.

– If motion sickness persists, children aged two and up can take dramamine upon consultation with their doctor.

4. Keep kids comfortable on airplanes

Even if your plane ride isn’t long – it’s important to still plan ahead. Recirculated air can really dry out skin and sinuses, so it may be wise to pack lip balm and age appropriate nasal spray to help mitigate the drying effects of the air conditioning. If old enough, chewing gum can help relieve ear pain from air pressure.