Tips and How-Tos

Staying healthy isn’t rocket science, but it does require some knowledge. These videos will empower you with the knowledge to identify symptoms, treatment options, and opportunities for preventive care, so you can maintain your overall health. Should you ever determine the need for urgent care, visit us at one of our Centra Care locations.

How to Tell if You’re Dehydrated

Dehydration occurs when more fluids leave the body than enter it. Hot summer days can increase your risk for dehydration. So can illness, high altitudes, and sports. Three-fourths of the human body is water, so it’s extremely important to maintain proper fluid levels. Learn how to tell if you’re dehydrated by watching out for these symptoms.


How to Know if You Should Get a Flu Shot

Every flu season is different, and the flu can affect everyone differently. Still, the flu can take a serious toll, leading to hospitalization or even death in some cases. The seasonal flu vaccine protects against strains of the flu that research indicates will be the most common in the upcoming season. Learn how to decide if you should be considering a flu vaccine this year.


How to Stay Healthy in Winter Months

The winter months bring a slew of seasonal viruses that seem to spread like wildfire. Protect yourself against the spread of illness with these tips for staying healthy during winter months.


What Do Oak Mite Bites Look Like?

Oak mites are microscopic insects that hang out in the leaves of oak trees. Their bites can form itchy, red bumps on the skin that can be painful and last up to two weeks. Learn how to spot an oak mite bite and what you can do to prevent bites in the future.


How to Know if You Have Pink Eye

Many eye irritations are temporary and will go away on their own or with the help of eye drops. But pink eye requires a diagnosis to determine whether you’ll need a prescription to help fight off the infection. Learn how to spot the symptoms of pink eye.


How to Get Rid of a Sinus Infection

Sometimes a cold can hang on for what seems like weeks, and then the facial pain starts. These are symptoms of a sinus infection, and you’ll want relief fast. Learn how to treat a sinus infection in this quick video.


How to Know if You Have Strep Throat

Do you have a painful sore throat? It could be from a cold or tonsillitis. Or it could be strep. Strep throat is often more severe and persists longer than other causes of sore throat. Learn more about the symptoms of strep and when to seek treatment.


When to Go to the ER vs. Urgent Care

When you need care fast, but it’s not an emergency, urgent care is a more affordable option than a visit to the emergency room. Learn how to tell the difference between the ER and urgent care, including what kind of care you can receive at each location.