The Centra Care Difference

When faced with a non-life-threatening illness or injury, urgent care facilities provide a fantastic alternative to visiting your primary care physician or the emergency room. Centra Care Shawnee Mission Urgent Care provides high-quality care seven days a week at four convenient locations.

7909-3The Right Physicians
Each of our physicians is Board-certified and trained in both adult and pediatric care. Many of our physicians are also trained or certified in life support, women’s health and sports medicine. With Centra Care, you can be sure that you and your family are getting the care you deserve.


7909-2The Services You Need
Dealing with more than just a runny nose? Centra Care facilities provide a variety of services, from x-rays to EKGs and lab tests. If you’re wondering “can I go to Centra Care for that?” take a look at our full list of services.


7909-5Cutting-edge Equipment
As a part of the Shawnee Mission Health system, Centra Care is able to treat urgent non life-threatening medical conditions such as broken bones with state-of-the-art urgent care equipment. We pride ourselves on the ability to treat adults and children quickly and effectively, all without an appointment necessary.


7909-4Part of the Shawnee Mission Health System
Shawnee Mission Health is more than just a hospital campus, and Centra Care is more than just an urgent care center. Together, Shawnee Mission Health and Centra Care strive to exceed expectations by delivering the high-quality care you need with the compassion you deserve.


7909-1A Different Way to Care
From fractures and on-site labs to earaches and physicals, Centra Care is committed to to high-quality, patient-centered care. At Centra Care, personalized care is part of our training. We strive to give you the care you’d expect from your family physician.