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What is a head injury?

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Anytime that we have a stretch of beautiful weather, therefore more opportunity for outdoor activities, Centra Care sees an increase in injuries. Last week, head injuries were treated with greater frequencies.

Longwood – up 400%
Oviedo – up 500%
Sand Lake – up 400%
Wesley Chapel – up 200%
Brandon – (kids) up 200%

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When there is trauma involving the scalp, skull or brain, whether a minor bump or a serious brain injury, it’s classified medically as a head injury. A concussion, when the brain is shaken, is the most common type of traumatic brain injury.​

Head injuries are most commonly caused by accidents at home, work or while playing sports, falls and traffic incidents. But most of these injuries are minor because the skull serves to protect the brain.

It’s important to know the signs of more serious head injury.

Seek medical help if the person:

• Becomes very sleepy
• Behaves abnormally
• Loses consciousness, even briefly
• Has pupils of unequal sizes
• Develops a stuff neck
• Vomits

Call 911 if:

There is severe bleeding
• The person is confused, or unconscious
• The person stops breathing
• You suspect a serious head or neck injury
• To help prevent a head injury, always use safety equipment like seat belts, bicycle or motorcycle helmets and hard hats.

Souce: National Institutes of Health