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What’s Going Around: We’re All Ears

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Allergy season has led to ‘earache season‘. Over the last few weeks, Centra Care data shows that as case numbers of sinusitis and allergy complaints have risen, so has the number of patients suffering from Otitis Media (a.k.a. Middle Ear Infection).

Hunter’s Creek – up 250%
Mount Dora – up 300%
University – up 167%
Brandon – up 150%


A virus often causes ear infections, but bacteria can also be to blame. Otitis Media occurs when the ear lining becomes swollen, and fluid builds up, causing infection and often pain.

The part of the ear that gets blocked is the Eustachian Tube, which connects the middle ear to the back of the throat. When you have allergies or a cold, the middle ear can get filled with fluid just as the nose does and that fluid can get infected.

Even after treatment, fluid may take a month or longer to go away.

Symptoms to look for:
• Fluid draining from ears
• Earache
• Sleep disturbances
• Fever
• Headaches
• Problems with hearing
• Irritability
• Difficulty balancing

Symptoms to look for in young children:
• Change in sleep patterns
• Fever
• Irritability
• Ear drainage
• Diminished appetite
• Problems with hearing
• Crying when lying down

See a Doctor if You have:
• High Fever
• Discharge of blood or pus from the ears
• Been diagnosed with an ear infection and symptoms do not improve, or worsen

Many complications are associated with ear infections, so it’s important to see a physician to determine what is causing your earache. If it’s bacterial in nature, antibiotics may be needed to clear it up.