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Itchy Allergy Season Springs Into Bloom

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Unexplained rash? Kids won’t stop scratching? Area Centra Care locations are reporting that Urticaria is What’s Going Around.

In fact, University Centra Care saw an 800% increase in the number of patients being seen for the condition.


Additional areas that reported an increase include:

Altamonte Springs – 200%
Azalea Park – 200%
Lake Buena Vista – 200%
Lake Buena Vista (kids) – 200%
Sanford – 200% ​​

Better known as Hives, Urticaria is the result of allergic reactions, environmental factors, and certain medical conditions. Stress can even be a trigger.

Hives appear as red or white bumps or welts on the skin. They are usually itchy and how long they last varies. Those with seasonal allergies, such as hay fever, often get hives.

To reduce itch, avoid things that increase the warmth of your skin, like hot showers and clothes made of synthetic fabrics and tight-fitting clothing. Over the counter medications like Benadryl can be taken to treat itchy skin.

Go to the Emergency Room immediately or call 911 if any symptoms of difficulty breathing, tongue or throat swelling, or worsening swelling/rash develop.​