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Spring Breaks and Fractures

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Spring sports are kicking into high gear, and so are spring breaks – broken bones, that is. Area Centra Care locations are reporting a substantial increase in the number of kids and teens being seen with fractured bones.​

Waterford Lakes – up 400%
Hunters Creek – up 300%
Mount Dora (kids) – up 200%
Lee Road (kids) – up 200%
Wesley Chapel – up 200%


How do you know if your child has broken a bone? Well typical symptoms of a fractured bone are pain, swelling, bruising, and sometimes deformity at the site of injury.

But a fracture is sometimes difficult to diagnose just on symptoms alone. Just because you can bend or move the injured hand, arm or leg, doesn’t mean it’s not broken.

To avoid further injury, get an x-ray of any traumatic injury (fall, twist, or sprain) so that the proper treatment can begin right away. Every Centra Care location is equipped with x-ray on-site.

Seek medical attention right away for any possible fracture. You may need to wear a cast or splint. Sometimes surgery may even be required.