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Your nose knows allergies

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This time of year, pollen from oak and grasses brings headaches and discomfort to allergy sufferers. Centra Care locations saw a nearly 70% increase in cases of allergic rhinitis last week. Allergy symptoms get worse with dry, breezy conditions that disperse the pollen particles through the air, so watch out this weekend, as that is exactly what the weather forecast is showing.​

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Symptoms of allergies often mimic those of a cold — sore throat, runny or stuffy nose and lots of sneezing. Itchy eyes are a symptom of allergies, but not colds; and fatigue and fever are not allergy symptoms.

There are over the counter and prescription medications available to bring relief to allergy sufferers.


  • Antihistamines can relieve mild to moderate symptoms and are available both over the counter and by prescription.

Corticosteroids Nasal Sprays:

  • These prescription nasal sprays are a very effective treatment for allergic rhinitis.


  • Decongestants can help reduce symptoms such as nasal congestion. Nasal spray decongestants should not be used for more than 3 days.
  • Saline nasal spray or irrigation can give temporary relief for congestion.

Allergy Shots:

  • Allergy shots may be recommended for unavoidable allergens that produce hard to control symptoms. They can make your immune system less sensitive to allergens.​