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What’s going around is real itchy

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Stress, nerves, allergies, even bug bites can lead to a case of hives. Whatever the cause may be, last week area Centra Care locations saw a 58% increase in the number of adult patients complaining of hives.

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They are the result of allergic reactions, environmental factors and certain medical conditions. Hives are itchy and how long they last varies, but they usually go away on their own.

To reduce itch, avoid things that increase the warmth of your skin, like hot showers, tight-fitting clothing or staying outside on a hot day. Over the counter medications like Benadryl can be taken orally to treat itchy skin. Follow instructions on the medication package for proper dosage and safe usage.

If an insect sting is the cause of your hives, you’ll want to treat the hives and the actual sting location.

Go to the Emergency Room immediately or call 911 if any symptoms of difficulty breathing, tongue or throat swelling, or worsening swelling/rash develop.