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Preventing Back to School Illnesses

Here in Central Florida kids are either already back in school or getting very close to it.

And when you put all those bodies in close quarters day after day, germs and viruses quickly spread. The doctors at Centra Care want to remind parents that prevention is the ALWAYS best medicine.

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While most common infections aren’t 100% preventable, there are very effective measures that can be taken to try and keep them away.

Here are 4 common illnesses that are often shared amongst classmates and the best ways to prevent them:

Gastrointestinal infections (the stomach flu) – Hand washing is essential in preventing this dreaded virus. Also, teach young children to keep their hands out of their mouths.

Pink eye – Proper hand washing and making sure to keep hands out of eyes will help.

Impetigo – Be sure to always clean cuts and abrasions with soap and water.

The Flu – Wash your hands often and GET A FLU SHOT. Vaccination is by far the best prevention.

Above all, be sure to keep your child home from school or daycare when they’re sick.

You know the rules, no fever or vomiting for 24 hours before sending them back.

Eating healthy foods and getting a good night’s sleep not only boosts energy and alertness allowing your children to stay awake and focused in school – but it can also help maintain a healthy immune system to fight off those Back to School germs.