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Allergies: the good, the bad, the sneezy

A Florida autumn is a welcome reprieve to intense summer temperatures. But even though our state lives up to its nickname most of year, the warmer weather also brings us longer and stronger allergy seasons.

Now through December, ragweed allergens are the itchy culprits for many allergy sufferers. The plant also brings on other symptoms that include:

• Scratchy throat
• Runny nose, nasal congestion, watery nose
• Fatigue
• Trouble sleeping
• Coughing and wheezing

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To keep symptoms at bay, Centra Care physicians recommend taking allergy medication before symptoms appear. Additionally, prevent allergens from hitching a ride into your home by doing the following:

Double up on doormats: 85% of the contaminants in your home, including pollen and other allergens, can be found within about 10 feet of the exterior doors. So in addition to your outdoor doormat, add an extra one in the indoor entryway of your home.

Leave ‘em at door: Shoes, book bags and other items exposed to the elements should be kept in the garage or mud room/closet.

Don’t forget Fido: Animal fur can track in dirt, pollen and other allergens. Before letting fury friends back inside the house, wipe them down with a towel or animal-friendly towelette.

Prevent allergy build-up: Ridding our homes of allergens is a no-brainer but allergy sufferers should also regularly vacuum and clean dashboards, seats and floor mats of cars.

Because some allergy symptoms overlap with the cold & flu, it’s important to know that if symptoms persist for longer than 2 weeks it could indicate allergies. However, for those who suffer from asthma, managing allergies is critically important as the condition could trigger an asthma attack. Nebulizer therapy, more commonly known as a breathing treatment, can help relieve symptoms and prevent asthma flare-ups. Fortunately, Centra Care is a convenient go-to option for allergy and asthma sufferers. We’re open 7 days a week and can help manage allergy symptoms and provide breathing treatment services on-site.