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Stress could be what is making your child sick…

According to a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, stress levels reported by teens follow a similar pattern as adults, especially during the school year. So when marking off your back-to-school checklists this year, don’t forget to check off stress. 


Know the Signs
First day jitters are common but when your child is not behaving as they normally do, Florida Hospital Centra Care doctors say it’s important to identify stressors. For some children, it’s easy to express feelings of anxiety but other kids may internalize them. Keep an eye on common signs such as trouble sleeping, headaches, stomach aches, and changes in mood or behavior (irritability or temper tantrums). Whatever the cause, it’s important for parents to reach out, acknowledge a child’s complaints and help address their concerns. 

Managing Schedules 
Getting everyone accustomed to a school year schedule is quite the stress trigger. To help manage the logistical hurdle that are school-day mornings, it’s important to settle back into the new routine at least two weeks before classes resume. Centra Care physicians recommend: 
• Logging off of digital devices at least two hours before going to bed
• Gradually make bedtimes earlier so kids are adjusted before school starts
• Set a bedtime routine – repeating the same process nightly helps cue the body and brain to sleep

When Possible, Plan Ahead
School Drop-Off / Pick-Up: No matter who has to sit through car line, let kids know who will drop off or pick them up from school.

Sick Days: Whether it’s stocking up on over-the-counter medicine or making sure you know the hours of your neighborhood Centra Care, having a plan in place can make sick days easier.

Meal Time Prep: The words “what’s for dinner” can unravel anyone’s productive day. To make things easy, create a meal schedule that helps take the guesswork out of dinner ideas. 

Transitioning back into a school routine is indeed stressful for the entire family. But it’s important to remember to be prepared and make the best of it.