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Swimmer’s Ear: A total summer bummer

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Water parks, pools and splash pads are a summer mainstay. Unfortunately, swimmer’s ear also coincides with the season.

The condition, also known as otitis externa, occurs when water gets trapped inside the ear. This creates an environment which allows bacteria in the ear canal to start multiplying, leading to infection.

Failure to shower before entering a pool, not drying ears after swimming and even contaminated bodies of water can all increase your chances in getting swimmer’s ear. Those with the infection experience mild discomfort at first but eventually pain, itching, inflammation, and muffled hearing settles in. If left untreated, symptoms can intensify and even lead to discharge leaking from the ear.

To make sure your summer goes swimmingly, follow these prevention tips:

Dress Accordingly
As one of our panel members mentioned in the video above, if your little one is prone to ear infections then wearing a shower cap and earplugs can help prevent the condition.

Dry Thoroughly
After swimming, dry the outer part of your little one’s ears with a towel. Then have them tilt their head and gently grab the lobe to pull down. This will help drain trapped water within the ear. Repeat on the other ear.

Do the Dab
Dab a few drops of rubbing alcohol just inside the ear, this will help them dry faster.

A Total Dry Out
A short blast of warm air from a blow dryer can also do the trick.