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Potty Training: An Unpredictable Journey

From the moms who’ve been there

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As many can attest, potty training can be a challenging chapter in the parenting journey. So how do we get the job done? It’s knowing when to start.

Timing is Everything
Every child reaches milestones at their own pace and going potty is no different. Parents should know that age is not the end all marker to begin potty training. Instead, look out for signs that they may be ready to start:

shows interest in the potty
lets you know they want their diaper changed
follows simple directions
can stay dry for an extended period of time
verbalizes they need to go or use the potty

Remember – pushing your little one to start using the potty before they’re ready can be counterproductive.

Potty Time, Excellent!

They’re ready. Are you? Place potty chairs in the bathroom and make using it routine. Schedule potty breaks every two hours, as well as right after waking up and before taking a bath.

Potty FOMO Whether they’re playing outside or watching their favorite toons – your little one may avoid using the bathroom because they have major FOMO – fear of missing out. So if they’re doing the “potty dance” have them use the bathroom, quickly.

The after potty Because they’ll eventually use the bathroom on their own, it’s important to teach your little one the entire potty process – proper hygiene, flushing the toilet and hand washing.

Captain Underpants After a few weeks of potty success, your child may be ready for underwear. You can celebrate the change by letting them pick out their favorite pair.

When Accidents Happen
BP or before potty – parents were always prepared with diapers and spare clothes stashed away, just in case. Now it’s time to switch everything out with even more spare clothes, underpants and potty wipes. Keep extra items in all family vehicles (not just the mini-van!), the school cubby, and for a lack of a better term – yes, the diaper bag.

Mom Hacks – Stow portable potty chairs in the car for those uh-oh moments + keep plastic grocery bags to contain the aftermath of potty accidents.

Now go forth and become a potty pro.