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5 UTI Facts Parents Should Know

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For those who’ve experienced a UTI, we know the condition is quite painful. However, for little ones who are unable to express how they feel, the condition can be mistaken for something else. Here are a few things parents should know when it comes to dealing with UTI.

1. A UTI is caused by bacteria that make their way into the urethra. Statistically, the condition is more common in girls because their urethras are shorter, making it easier for bacteria to enter the bladder.

2. To help prevent the condition, parents should remind little ones to practice good hygiene when using the bathroom. Additionally, not drinking enough fluids leads to infrequent urination and urinating is essential in clearing away UTI-causing germs.

3. Because a fever is usually the only UTI indicator for babies, the condition can be difficult to pinpoint in younger children. Other symptoms to look for include: foul-smelling urine, persistent vomiting, or diarrhea. For older children, belly pain and complaining that it “hurts to go” can indicate they’re experiencing a UTI.

4. Without proper diagnosis or treatment, a UTI can develop into something more serious – like septic shock. Parents should keep an eye on little ones who have a fever that just won’t go away, don’t want to eat or drink, or lack their usual energy.

5. A simple urinalysis lab test can confirm a UTI. And results can be available rather quickly. When caught on time, a UTI can be treated with antibiotics for a period of one to two weeks. Remember – the entire course of antibiotics should be completed to help prevent further infection.