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Flu Season Off to an Early Start

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Both the holiday season and flu season coincided this year as numbers of confirmed influenza cases continue to rise across Florida. So far, influenza A (H3) is the most common strain reported this season. According to the CDC, seasons where influenza A (H3) was the most dominant strain were generally more severe, particularly for children younger than 5 and adults 65 and older.

The CDC has labeled Florida as a widespread influenza zone. And data from Florida Hospital Centra Care shows there is nearly a 200% increase in flu cases since this time last year and 400% increase from 2015.

“This year’s flu season has definitely come on strong and what’s most concerning is that it’s far from over,” says Senior Medical Director and CEO of Florida Hospital Centra Care, Scott Brady, MD. “Time spent gathering together over Christmas, followed by recent weather fluctuations that have kept people indoors has given the flu virus its chance to easily spread.”