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Just Keep Swimming?

Splish, splash, OUCH! Centra Care is warning that Swimmer’s Ear is What’s Going Around these days.​

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Otitis Externa (a.k.a. Swimmer’s Ear) is a painful outer ear infection that can develop when water gets trapped in the ear canal and irritates the canal.

The greatest increases of Swimmer’s Ear have been seen at the following Centra Care centers:​

University – up 700%
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Otitis Externa – Could you have it?

Evidently, it’s not just the kids diving in this summer. Centra Care data shows an 88% increase overall this past week with adults suffering from Otitis Externa, sometimes called Swimmer’s Ear. The following areas of town had the biggest increases:

  • Azalea Park – up 600%
  • Winter Park – up 500%
  • Altamonte, Kissimmee & Mt. Dora – up 400%

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While Otitis Externa commonly occurs after swimming as a result of an infection that develops in trapped water that irritates the canal, Centra Care ...

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Swimmer’s Ear?? But I haven’t been near a pool in months!

Diving in the pool probably hasn’t been on your to-do list lately. So those diagnosed with What’s Going Around this week may be confused about how they came down with an illness that is most often associated with swimming and summertime. Otitis Externa, more commonly known as Swimmer’s Ear, is What’s Going Around.

Centra Care physicians have seen the greatest increase in patients with the illness at the following locations:

Mount Dora – up 800%
Kissimmee – up 300%

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While Otitis ...

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