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Treating and Preventing Your Sunburn

Sunburn is a reaction that our skin has to ultraviolet radiation when exposed to harsh sunlight or UV rays at tanning salons. The visible reactions to sunburn may not show up in the first few hours, and they are usually at their worst during the 24-36 hours after being exposed. On average, sunburns take around five days to heal. Regular exposure to UV rays not only can cause sunburn, but can lead to premature aging and skin cancer. Skin cancer ...

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Just Keep Swimming?

Splish, splash, OUCH! Centra Care is warning that Swimmer’s Ear is What’s Going Around these days.​

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Otitis Externa (a.k.a. Swimmer’s Ear) is a painful outer ear infection that can develop when water gets trapped in the ear canal and irritates the canal.

The greatest increases of Swimmer’s Ear have been seen at the following Centra Care centers:​

University – up 700%
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Have mosquitoes been crashing your summer fun lately?

Have mosquitoes been crashing your summer fun lately? For many in Central Florida, insect bites and other skin traumas like cuts and abrasions have led to secondary skin infections. Centra Care physicians treated nearly 300 patients last week for skin infections.

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The skin is the first barrier from bacterial infections. Anything that compromises that barrier, like an insect bite, scrape or ingrown hair, can result in an infection.

The bacteria Staphylococcus and Streptococcus cause the majority ...

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Summer Showers = Summer Allergies

Recent heavy rainfall has kept allergy triggers around longer than usual this summer. In fact, over 100 Central Floridians turned to Centra Care last week for allergy complications like hay fever, that are typically seen in the spring.

Centra Care’s 22 locations saw an 80% increase in adult cases and a 200% increase in pediatric cases of allergic rhinitis.

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Symptoms of allergies often mimic those of a cold — sore throat, runny or stuffy ...

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Summer: Peak Season for Eye Injuries

Summer fun in the sun gone wrong, a home improvement project mishap, trying to change your oil – by yourself…the doctors at Centra Care have heard it all when it comes to complaints about eye injuries. From tree branches to finger pokes to scratchy sand as culprits, Centra Care has been seeing big numbers of eye injuries in the last few weeks.

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Debris in the eyes, if rubbed or left untreated can lead ...

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