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Today’s Scarlet Fever Is Not Like Yesteryear’s

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If you don’t know exactly what it is, hearing that your child has Scarlet Fever may cause alarm but, really, it’s not as scary as it sounds.

Once a very serious childhood disease, Scarlet Fever is basically just strep throat with a rash and it’s what ...

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Do you have a wicked sore throat?

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While it may not be uncommon this time of year, Strep Throat is never welcome in anyone’s home.

Besides leading to serious complications if left untreated, a person with Strep can remain contagious for upwards of three weeks!

Last week, cases of Strep increased in adults and children, with the little ...

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Sore Throat: Is it Viral or Something More?

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‘Wake up with a sore throat this morning? Case numbers of Strep Throat continue to be high at area Centra Care locations and whether you’re an adult or child, Strep Throat is a contagious infection requiring antibiotic treatment.

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Strep throat is the ...

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Sore Throat or Strep Throat?

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Kids in Central Florida have been generously sharing Strep Throat lately. Centra Care physicians saw nearly a 70 percent increase last week in pediatric patients with Strep. Since bacteria are usually the cause, Strep cases are most often combated with prescription antibiotics.

Besides leading to ...

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‘Say Aah’ – Strep Throat What’s Going Around

Centra Care doctors report that Strep Throat is What’s Going Around.

Since bacteria is to blame, confirmed cases of Strep are most often treated with prescription antibiotics.

If left untreated, a person with Strep can remain contagious for upwards of three weeks – even if symptoms no longer remain.

The Centra Care locations that saw the greatest increases of pediatric patients with the contagious infection are:

  • Orange Lake – up 400%
  • Altamonte, Clermont and Winter Garden Village – up 200%