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What Bit Me?!

Various skin conditions and rashes can look very similar to other inflammations and allergic reactions. In some cases, only a trained professional can tell the difference between certain types of insect bites and other medical conditions.




However, there are some guidelines you can use to determine if the bump or mark on your body is an insect bite or some other more serious condition.

Common Insect Bite Symptoms

  • Small red lump ...
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They’re baaaaaaack……

With all the gorgeous weather we’ve been having, it’s not a stretch to call Central Florida “paradise” – unfortunately, the mosquitoes feel the same way.

Centra Care data from the past week shows that cases of Insect Bites were up 64% among adults and that pediatric numbers doubled. The following Centra Care locations showed the biggest increases:

Hunter’s Creek & Lee Road: up 300%

Sand Lake & Winter Garden Village: up 200%

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Insect bites and stings can cause an immediate ...

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