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Is it just a cold or something more?

Has your little one been battling a cold for more than a week? Is his runny nose and cough accompanied by facial pain and tenderness? Chances are, he may have What’s Going Around this week – Sinusitis, a bacterial infection of the sinuses.​

The locations that reported the largest increases include:

●​ Altamonte, Sanford, & University: up 200% (kids)
●​ Sand Lake: ...

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What really is a Sinus Infection, anyway?

While the term “Sinus Infection” is tossed around frequently in conversation, do you really know what it means? And what’s the difference between Sinusitis (the medical term for a sinus infection) and the common cold?

Doctors at Centra Care saw a jump this past week in cases of sinusitis, following weeks and weeks of increases in upper respiratory infection cases.

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The common cold is always the result of a viral infection, while certain types of sinus infections are ...

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