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Today’s Scarlet Fever Is Not Like Yesteryear’s

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If you don’t know exactly what it is, hearing that your child has Scarlet Fever may cause alarm but, really, it’s not as scary as it sounds.

Once a very serious childhood disease, Scarlet Fever is basically just strep throat with a rash and it’s what ...

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‘Seems scarlet is the color of the season. Scarlet Fever, that is.

Intimidating as it may sound, Scarlet Fever is quite common and no cause for panic – a fact that many parents in Central Florida have learned this past week as Centra Care locations report a significant increase in cases.

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Scarlet Fever is a disease caused by infection with the group A Streptococcus bacteria (the same bacteria that cause strep throat). Once a very serious childhood illness, Scarlet Fever is now easily treatable with antibiotics. The time between becoming infected ...

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