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What’s going around is real itchy

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Stress, nerves, allergies, even bug bites can lead to a case of hives. Whatever the cause may be, last week area Centra Care locations saw a 58% increase in the number of adult patients complaining of hives.

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They are the result of ...

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Be a Flu Fighter – Free Flu Shots In Your Area

flu fighter logoThe weather might still feel like summer, but Centra Care Urgent Care and Get Healthy Florida’s 2013 Fast & Free Flu Shot events are just a few weeks away. Six sites are scheduled this year. A flu shot is the single best protection against the flu. The CDC recommends getting your flu shot as soon as they are available. There is no reason to delay, as immunity will last ...

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It may not be contagious, but Asthma can be dangerous

Seasonal allergies, complications of the common cold…even stress can trigger an asthma attack. Those triggers have been fierce lately among the youngest asthma sufferers in Central Florida, as shown in the latest Centra Care data. The urgent care locations have seen a significant increase in pediatric asthma patients in the last week.

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  • Asthma Triggers Include:
  • Pollen
  • Exercise
  • Dust
  • Mold
  • Pet hair or dander
  • Dust
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Stress
  • Tobacco smoke

Asthma can be dangerous and should never be ignored. It’s a disease of the ...

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What’s Going Around is a Pain in the Throat

Last week was a real pain in the throat for kids in Central Florida. Area Centra Care locations reported that viral Pharyngitis is What’s Going Around. Pharyngitis is a common medical condition that can be caused by viruses or the streptococcus bacteria, also known as strep throat.

The following Centra Care locations showed the most dramatic increases in pediatric sore throat cases:

Conway – up 400%
Mt. Dora, Winter Garden Village and Clermont – up 200%

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Symptoms of allergies often mimic those of a cold — sore throat, runny or stuffy ...

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Summer: Peak Season for Eye Injuries

Summer fun in the sun gone wrong, a home improvement project mishap, trying to change your oil – by yourself…the doctors at Centra Care have heard it all when it comes to complaints about eye injuries. From tree branches to finger pokes to scratchy sand as culprits, Centra Care has been seeing big numbers of eye injuries in the last few weeks.

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Debris in the eyes, if rubbed or left untreated can lead ...

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Otitis Externa – Could you have it?

Evidently, it’s not just the kids diving in this summer. Centra Care data shows an 88% increase overall this past week with adults suffering from Otitis Externa, sometimes called Swimmer’s Ear. The following areas of town had the biggest increases:

  • Azalea Park – up 600%
  • Winter Park – up 500%
  • Altamonte, Kissimmee & Mt. Dora – up 400%

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While Otitis Externa commonly occurs after swimming as a result of an infection that develops in trapped water that irritates the canal, Centra Care ...

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Bronchitis is spreading — is it in your neighborhood?

Coughing? Just exhausted? Sore or tight chest? Then you may have What’s Going Around — Bronchitis.

Centra Care physicians have seen increases in Bronchitis patients all around Central Florida. Specifically, cases at the Winter Garden Village and Lee Road locations were both up 500% or more and the Conway Centra Care location was up 350%.

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Bronchitis is inflammation of the large air passages in the lungs. Symptoms of bronchitis include a dry cough that develops into a cough ...

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2013 Girl’s Night Out for Health


It’s Girls Night…With a Healthy Twist! And ladies, this special night is all about you!

Centra Care, Get Healthy Florida, and partners are excited to announce the date for this year’s FREE Girl’s Night Out for Health – Thursday, May 23, from 5 PM – 8 PM at the Winter Garden Village Centra Care.

It’s an evening when ladies can enjoy fun with their girlfriends, and get lots of free health screenings ...

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Aching back this week? You’re not alone.

Spring cleaning, yardwork, lugging heavy suitcases around the airport — these are all excuses the physicians at Centra Care heard over the last week from the nearly 200 patients that came in complaining of an aching back.

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The fact is, about 80 percent of people will experience some type of back pain during their lifetime. Acute back pain can cause pain ranging from a dull, lingering ache to a sudden, sharp pain. It usually comes on ...

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