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Relieving Headaches

How often do you start your day with a horrible headache? Sometimes, when things are going perfectly well, and you’re expected to perform your best, you experience a sudden gush of pain in your head and the next thing you know, you’re suffering a headache. These are all too common day to day experiences of almost every person, be it men or women, young or old. Headaches are the most common health condition, almost everyone suffers from. Headaches occurring frequently ...

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Got a headache?

Oh, my aching head! Sound familiar?

Centra Care docs have seen an increase this week in headache complaints and they’re relating the upswing to the start of allergy season.

Three different types of headaches can be allergy-related:

1. Sinus Headaches (the kind you feel in your face)
2. Migraines
3. Cluster Headaches​

The following ares of town saw the greatest increases in headaches complaints: ​

Azalea Park & Winter Garden Village – up 200%
Hunter’s Creek – up 400%
Port Orange – up 250%