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Spring Breaks and Fractures

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Spring sports are kicking into high gear, and so are spring breaks – broken bones, that is. Area Centra Care locations are reporting a substantial increase in the number of kids and teens being seen with fractured bones.​

Waterford Lakes – up 400%
Hunters Creek – up 300%
Mount Dora ...

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OUCH!!! Injuries are on the rise. Do you know what to do?

An ankle sprain on the soccer field, a wayward lacrosse stick, a cheerleading stunt gone awry – all stories heard in a typical day for a Centra Care physician.  Right now, Central Florida athletes are in that crossover time of year – winter sports are still going and spring sports have begun conditioning — which means more bumps, bruises and breaks than usual.  Centra Care locations are reporting a significant increase in both Upper and Lower Extremity Fractures, Sprains, ...

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