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Summer: Peak Season for Eye Injuries

Summer fun in the sun gone wrong, a home improvement project mishap, trying to change your oil – by yourself…the doctors at Centra Care have heard it all when it comes to complaints about eye injuries. From tree branches to finger pokes to scratchy sand as culprits, Centra Care has been seeing big numbers of eye injuries in the last few weeks.

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Debris in the eyes, if rubbed or left untreated can lead ...

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Something in your eye?? It’s going around.

The sun is shining, the radio blasting, windows down, roof open, it’s a perfect drive…UNTIL… something flies in your eye! Is it sand? A bug? Something off a tree? All you know is that it hurts, but now what?

The doctors at Centra Care know just what to do. This past week, eye injuries have increased over 50% and Dr. Tim Hendrix, Centra Care’s Medical Director, is giving the credit to Central Florida’s warm winter weather. It seems the sunshine ...

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