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Fighting the flu with Centra Care #throughglass

Getting sick when you don’t have insurance is just a pain. An all-around, expensive pain. In Central Florida you can get a flu shot pretty much anywhere; your doctor’s office, a walk-in clinic, CVS, Walgreens, Target. Depending on where you go, without insurance, a single shot can cost up to $40! We don’t have $40 just lying around so $40 is a lot of money. What if you’re unemployed and are trying to support a family? The total cost can skyrocket!

Here’s where our pals at Centra Care come in. For one, their flu shots are only $30. If you’re a senior and bring along your Primary Medicare card, there’s no out-of-pocket costs. If you can’t swing $30, there is still good news out there…[Read full story]