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Doctors say flu virus is hitting central Fla. hard

channel 9It may seem early, but the flu is already hitting central Florida hard.

Last week, there were 94 confirmed cases of the flu in local clinics. That’s up from around 60 cases during the same week last year. A doctor told WFTV’s Jeff Deal the worst is still to come.

CentraCare said for this time of year, the numbers are high, with people walking into clinics and testing positive for the flu.

“Well everybody’s concerned about that Ebola at this time,” flu shot recipient Don Sorg said. Ebola may be grabbing headlines, but it’s the flu doctors are seeing.

Influenza is on set by a sudden onset of fever and aches, and typically includes a cough and sore throat.
Dr. Tim Hendrix said it’s hard to say what the more than 50 percent increase this year will mean for the rest of flu season. [Read full story]