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Flu, allergy cases on the rise in east Orlando

News13 logoIf you’re seeing a lot of people sick at work or ill children at school, there’s good reason for it. Flu cases are spiking, allergies are acting up and viruses are on the rise.
It’s that time of year when dust, pollen and germs invade our respiratory systems.

“Perfect storm of different things,” Dr. Timothy Hendrix, medical director of Centra Care said. “Allergies, flu starting to show up, also the upper respiratory viruses kids are sharing in school and bringing them home.”

And with similar symptoms it may be hard to differentiate what is to blame – the flu, allergies or asthma.

“An upper respiratory virus will cause mild to moderately severe symptoms – a runny nose, a cough, sniffles, sneeze and some body aches and low grade fever,” Hendrix said. “That will pass in about a week’s time. If it’s allergies, you’ll typically get more itchiness. You’ll get itchy nose, itchy eyes.” [Read full story]