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Pregnant woman dies of flu in hospital, baby survives

channel 9A pregnant woman admitted to a Brevard County hospital has died from the flu but her baby survived, according to health officials.

Alexandra Bryan lived to hold her newborn son, Bennett, just one time. A little more than a month later, she was dead.
Bryan, who was in her 20s, was admitted to Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne several weeks ago. She died Sunday night, according to Dr. Heidar Heshmati of the Florida Department of Health in Brevard County.

Heshmati said Bryan’s son was delivered in early December and is fine. Officials said Bryan had been on life-support for several weeks. According to Heshmati, the flu was the H1N1 strain and Bryan had not had a flu shot.

Friends of Bryan told Channel 9’s Ryan Hughes that she appeared to have caught a cold during her pregnancy and then developed pneumonia following the delivery of her child.

“H1N1 has complications for particular groups. Young adults and especially pregnant women are at risk for complications,” said Dr. Tim Hendrix with Centra Care. [Read full story]