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This is How Urgent Care Should Be Done

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I’ve heard the commercial on the radio about a hundred times: “At Centra Care, it’s all about you.” Until recently, I had not had the chance to verify that claim — although I had my doubts about any medical facility making it “all about the patient.”

Centra Care is a network of urgent care clinics spread across metro Orlando. The clinics are run by Florida Hospital.

After spending all day Saturday horizontal on the couch, I decided I needed to see a doctor. I know you’re not supposed to run to the doctor every time you sneeze or blow your nose, but Saturday was Day 5 of not feeling well.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, all I had was a sore throat. Friday, I actually felt better, as my sinuses began to drain. But Saturday, I felt much worse. I did some online research that night and “confirmed” I definitely had a sinus infection. [Read full story]