Centra Care in the Community

10006221_10153987002430075_1867396261_nFor more than 30 years, Centra Care has provided Floridians with affordable medical care for urgent, non-life-threatening conditions. In keeping with their mission, Centra Care, in partnership with Get Healthy Florida, is dedicated to help improve the health of Florida residents through educational, seasonal and topical campaigns.

From free flu shots to health-based community events, Centra Care’s main goal has always been to build awareness in promoting healthy habits and motivate residents to engage in healthy behaviors. With its successful adoption, Centra Care’s community health campaign initiatives has expanded to serve Tampa Bay area communities.


Fast & Free Flu Shots

Since 2002, Centra Care has hosted dozens of free flu shot clinics and administered over 140,000 vaccines to Florida residents.

Breaking World Records

Centra Care has the distinction of having held two Guinness World Records – one for “Most Vaccinations Given in One Day” and the other for “Most Blood Pressure Screenings in One Day.”

Project Pressure

Over a 10-month period, Centra Care provided free blood pressure screenings to the public in order to help educate residents about the dangers of high blood pressure.