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Flu Season is Just Around the Corner

The latest Centra Care data shows “pockets” of influenza in area neighborhoods. While it isn’t widespread, it has the potential of blanketing Central Florida in the coming months. Centra Care physicians say it’s very common to see a small bump in flu cases in the fall, but not see a consistent larger amount of diagnoses until February.

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What’s Going Around has us saying ‘Ah-Choo!’

There are over 200 viruses responsible for the common cold; unfortunately some of those, particularly rhinovirus, are especially active right now. While colds are bothersome, they typically don’t warrant a visit to the doctor. But, Centra Care docs say other illnesses can develop as a result of a cold that do need physician care.

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Sunburn isn’t the only scorching injury to guard against

It’s been HOT this week. Centra Care physicians have been treating heat exhaustion a lot lately. By the time a person needs to seek medical treatment for heat exhaustion, they are typically suffering mild dehydration, lightheadedness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps or fatigue. ​

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HEAT EXHAUSTION – is a result of excessive amounts of water-loss and salt contained in sweat. So it’s extremely important to drink plenty of water or sport-drinks to remain hydrated.

The warning signs of heat exhaustion include:

  • Heavy sweating
  • Paleness
  • Muscle ...
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Back to School Asthma Peak

Wheezing is the sound of the season. Centra Care locations are reporting an increase in the treatment of asthma patients this week.

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Sinusitis: It’s nothing to sneeze at

Suffering from a cold that just won’t go away? If your runny nose and cough are accompanied by facial pain and tenderness, you may have What’s Going Around – Sinusitis, a bacterial infection of the sinuses.

Centra Care physicians are seeing an increase in the number of patients with sinusitis.​

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Sinusitis occurs when one or more of the nasal passages are unable to drain due to inflammation. Many of symptoms of sinusitis mimic the common cold. In fact, sinusitis often starts ...

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Have a splitting headache?

Back to School can be filled with emotion, but for many it’s nothing but a big headache — literally. Centra Care locations usually notice more patients complaining of an aching head this time of year. ​

Centra Care medical director, Timothy Hendrix MD, says that the increase in headaches cannot be attributed to one main cause. In many cases, the headaches are triggered by nothing more than summertime fun (i.e. Brain Freeze!).

Here are just some of the reasons your ...

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Preventing Illness When Kids Go Back to School

When kids go back to school, parents quickly realize their little ones are stepping off the bus with more than just homework. School is the perfect environment for spreading germs. Every year around this time Centra Care physicians write lots of doctor’s notes for an array of illnesses, but a few top the lists of reasons for missing school: Upper Respiratory Infection (URI), followed by Pharyngitis, Otitis Media and Bronchitis.​

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Know the facts on what’s going around

It’s buggy here this time of year! But did you know that insect bites and other skin traumas like cuts and abrasions can lead to secondary skin infections?

Area Centra Care locations are seeing an increase in patients diagnosed with skin infections.

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Chickenpox: What you need to know

Since the chickenpox vaccine was introduced in the U.S. in 1995, the number of chickenpox cases has fallen drastically. But last week, Centra Care saw several patients with the uncomfortable infection.​

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Vacation Distractions May Cause What’s Going Around

Summer vacation usually brings a break in the rigid schedules of the school year.

And while a relaxed schedule is usually a good thing, Centra Care doctors say these changing behaviors have led to a an increase of pediatric patients with abdominal pain.

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