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Summer Activities Bring Possibilities for Eye Injuries

When you get something in your eye, it isn’t easily ignored. It waters, it hurts, it’s annoying!

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Serve the food, not the germs

Centra Care physicians warn that summer parties could be serving up more than just BBQ. Gastroenteritis commonly called “Stomach Flu”, is What’s Going Around this week.​

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Feeling dizzy and don’t know why?

Feeling seasick but you haven’t left dry land? Centra Care physicians have been treating a number of patients lately with Vertigo. Although, Vertigo is a symptom, not a disease.

Most people describe Vertigo as head spinning like they just got off a merry-go-round; some people feel unsteadiness or swaying. The spinning sensation may even cause nausea.


The most common cause of Vertigo is caused by vestibular neuritis following an upper respiratory virus (common cold); some people skip the cold symptoms ...

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Stay safe this summer while outdoors

Living in the sunshine state requires diligence to using sunscreen. But most of us still forget to reapply once in a while. Centra Care doctors are reporting an increase in adults and children experiencing second degree burns with blistering on large areas of the shoulder, back and face, all due to sun exposure.​


Besides the pain that goes along with sunburn, one of the greatest risks of sunburn is skin cancer. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, a person’s risk ...

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What’s going around is not as scary as it sounds

As terrifying as it may sound, What’s Going Around this week is actually easily treated.

Data shows that Scarlet Fever cases have increased dramatically at area Centra Care locations.​

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Play It Safe With Outdoor Activities

The weather is beautiful and it’s a great time to be outside, but Centra Care doctors warn that the increase in outdoor activity also brings many breaks, sprains, cuts and bruises.

In fact, every year, Centra Care locations report an increase in fractures, sprains, strains, lacerations and contusions.

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Why so tired?

Know anyone who has been exhausted lately and complaining of a swollen, sore throat? Mono could be the cause. Centra Care physicians have seen recent dramatic increases in cases of Mono.​

The greatest increases of reported cases have been seen at the following Centra Care locations:

Winter Garden Village: up 200%​
Azalea Park, Colonial Town, Conway, Oviedo, and Waterford Lakes: up 100%

Learn More:

Infectious mononucleosis is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus. The virus passes through saliva, which is why it’s sometimes called the ...

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What’s Going Around: The Kids Are All Ears

More than 3 million ear infections are diagnosed every year.

In fact ear infections, medically known as Otitis Media, are the second-most commonly diagnosed childhood illness in the United States (the Common Cold comes in first).

The following Centra Care Urgent Care centers saw the greatest increases in children:

Altamonte Springs: up 160%
Waterford Lakes: up 260%
Dr. Phillips: up 200%
Colonial Town: up 400%


Otitis Media occurs when the ear lining becomes swollen, and fluid builds ...

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Flu Season: Not Over Yet

Usually by this time of year, flu season has begun to wind down and the children can especially be at risk.

But Centra Care doctors have recently seen another spike in flu cases…and most have tested to been Influenza Type B.

The areas that have reported the largest increase include:

Altamonte Springs, Clermont, Longwood, South Orange: up 200%
Kissimmee, Waterford Lakes: up 300% (kids)
Mount Dora: up 500% (kids)
Sand Lake: up 400%


The A,B,C’s of ...

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Ouch! How do you handle an injured eye?

It can happen in the sandbox, it can happen on the lawnmower, it can happen driving with the windows down…Corneal Abrasions have been a common complaint lately by patients seeking help from Centra Care docs.

Centra Care doctors have seen an increase in eye injuries over the past two weeks and they want you and your family to be aware.


Debris in the eyes, if rubbed or left untreated can lead to corneal abrasion – a scratch on the protective covering ...

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