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Dramatic increases in ear infections across Central Florida

Otitis Media, or middle ear infection, usually occurs on the heels of a cold, flu, or any kind of upper respiratory infection (URI). And this year, Florida Hospital Centra Care physicians have seen a dramatic increase in summer colds. So it’s no surprise they’re also seeing an uptick of related complications like ear infections.

In fact, the following locations reported an increase in the condition: 

Sanford – up 800%
University – up 300% (kids)
Sand Lake – up ...

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Mosquitos and their risk of related illnesses on the rise

The Orlando Sentinel reported that Florida Department of Health officials recently confirmed two cases of eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) in a horse and donkey. And although no humans cases have been reported, this mosquito-borne illness is one of the many diseases that plague the state this time of year.


From West Nile, Zika to Dengue, managing these illnesses starts with prevention. Residents can help control mosquito populations and prevent ...

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The Dirty Truth About Intestinal Infections 😖

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That rumbling in your stomach will no longer be ignored. So what do you do?

Depending on the severity, a visit to the doctor may be necessary. In fact, several Centra Care locations have reported an increase in patients treated for the condition. The discomfort brought on by intestinal infections can be caused by a number of things. And some of the causes can ...

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Bronchitis and more are going around

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It all starts with a cough, then… BAM! There it is, a good old fashioned summer ‘itis. Now which one could it be? If you’re one of the many Centra Care patients who’ve recently visited our centers, it might be either sinusitis or bronchitis.

According to our most recent data, both conditions had an uptick this past week.

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How to avoid common summer bummers

From taking breaks in the shade to sipping water regularly, we’re sharing to must-know summer safety tips.


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Swimmer’s Ear: A total summer bummer

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Water parks, pools and splash pads are a summer mainstay. Unfortunately, swimmer’s ear also coincides with the season.

The condition, also known as otitis externa, occurs when water gets trapped inside the ear. This creates an environment which allows bacteria in the ear canal to start multiplying, leading to infection.

Failure to shower before entering a pool, not drying ears after swimming and ...

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Join Us for a Grand Opening Beach Bash 🌊

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Ormond Beach families have a new walk-in urgent care option with the opening of Ormond Beach Centra Care. To celebrate, we’re inviting everyone to a FREE grand opening Beach Bash with activities that include:

Water Slide
Inflatable Mechanical Surf Board Ride
Health screenings Snow ...

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Strep Throat: More than just a sore throat

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Try as parents may, germs and school-aged children seem to go hand in hand.

Typical illnesses like the cold and flu can easily make their way from classroom to classroom. However, other infections like strep throat, can occasionally make a surprise guest appearance.

Sore Throat or Strep Throat
Because the primary symptom of strep throat is a sore throat, ...

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Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease: What Parents Need to Know

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Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD)—which usually affects children is actually fairly common, and it can be pretty miserable for your kids. Once exposed, initial symptoms can include sore throat, fever, and a lack of energy and appetite. Eventually, the virus does live up to its name.

A few days after symptom onset, painful mouth sores and a rash on the hands and ...

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Itching to stop big bites? 🙅

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is warning that diseases from blood-feeding fleas, ticks and mosquitoes has more than tripled since 2004. And with spring in full swing, Florida Hospital Centra Care physicians want families to take extra precautions as we spend more time outdoors.

Practice Prevention
Apply Repellent: When ...

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