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Warm winter means bad allergy season

Orlando SentinelThis year’s spring allergy season is causing a lot of misery: runny noses; itchy, watery eyes; hives; and in some cases sinus infections and bronchitis, local physicians say.

You can blame it on a mild winter, lack of rain and early pollination.

Compared with last year between January and March, Florida Hospital’s emergency departments for the tri-county area saw an 11 percent increase in visits that resulted in allergy diagnosis, going from ...

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Traveler with measles attends conference in Orlando

FOX35 logoAccording to the Florida Department of Health, an international traveler attended a conference at the Gaylord Palms Resort on March 16 and 17. It was on the night of the 16th, that that person received an official measles diagnosis.

According to resort spokeswoman Jodi Disalle, the traveler did not spend the night at the resort, but rather at a nearby hotel, but the timing of the diagnosis confirms that everyone ...

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Doctor: Adults, not just kids, need to be up to date on their vaccines

Local6Lea Lane’s love of travel has taken her to more 120 countries, but whether at home or abroad, she makes sure she’s up-to-date on her vaccinations.

“I would say we’re very lucky to have these things and to do,” Lane said. “Without them, without having to do without them is foolish.”

While many vaccinations last a lifetime, others need boosters as the years go on.Infectious disease specialist Dr. Giorgio Tarchini said the tetanus ...

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Florida allergy season in full swing

FOX35 logoThere’s bad news for those who suffer from allergies. Florida’s allergy season is here and it’s not going away anytime soon.

Dr. Tim Hendrix of Centra Care says warm weather is causing pine and oak trees to produce large amounts of pollen.

“People think we’re in the middle of winter time, but the oaks and pines have other plans,” he said. [Read full story]

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Vaccination rates in Central Florida leave students exposed

Orlando SentinelSchools are a potential hot spot for the spread of contagious illnesses such as measles. But in Central Florida, most counties aren’t reaching the optimal minimum of kindergartners fully vaccinated, state records show.

In Central Florida, only Lake County reaches a 95 percent vaccination rate for kids in kindergarten. That’s the rate the Department of Health recommends to ensure community resistance to infectious diseases.

By the time students reach seventh grade, public- ...

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Health officials: Adults should get vaccinated for measles, too

News13 logoWith travel and tourism about to peak in Central Florida, health officials are renewing a push for vaccinations.

Doctors saying the latest outbreak of measles indicate adults are at a higher risk of spreading the disease and that it’s a good idea to get revaccinated.

“About 59 percent of the people who came down with measles were adults, over the age of 20, and those adults didn’t have prior evidence of vaccination ...

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Bad flu season will only get worse

FOX13 logoIt is a miserable thing to catch, the flu. But more people are getting it this season than predicted, possibly because the flu vaccine is not as effective as scientists had hoped.

The Centers for Disease Control says it is an epidemic. Fifteen children across the country have died from it.

Deasey Ali, who didn’t get vaccinated this year, came down with symptoms on Friday.

“Headache, body aches, chills and chest pains when I ...

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Flu hitting Central Florida early, hard

Orlando SentinelThis year’s flu outbreak is starting earlier than usual and is widespread and increasing throughout the state, say officials who are urging Floridians to get their flu shot.

Tim Hendrix, medical director with Centra Care, said new cases last week were at a record high. At 25 clinics, including 21 in Central Florida, 908 cases were reported; that’s 44 percent higher than the previous one-week high of 630, which was ...

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Centra Care clinic coming to Daytona Beach

The Daytona Beach News-JournalFlorida Hospital Centra Care has broken ground on its second urgent care clinic in Volusia County.

The new 5,200-square-foot clinic will be built in the parking lot close to the Burlington Coat Factory store on the corner of International Speedway Boulevard and Nova Road, one of the busiest intersections in Daytona Beach.

The clinic, which is set to open in the summer of 2015 will be in the ...

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Flu shot not as effective this year, but still encouraged to get

FOX35 logoThe Centers for Disease Control has reported that the flu vaccine is not as effective this year because of a mutation, but local doctors continue to encourage Central Florida families to get the flu shot because they are seeing a record number of sick people.

“As of last week, we saw 793 cases of influenza. The same time last year, it was about 200 cases, so we’re up substantially over last ...

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