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Limiting Screen Time: Not Just for Kids

While there is great debate on when and how much screen time is appropriate for children, there is also a challenge with adults and their screen time. From checking emails first thing in the morning, followed by an 8-hour desk job, to watching our favorite primetime shows at night – how is all of this screen time impacting our health?

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Sleep is easily disrupted by modern day use of phones, computers, and tablets. We live in a 24/7 society, so it’s hard to unplug, especially before bed. The light from electronics can suppress melatonin and can trick our brains into thinking it’s still day time. This leaves our bodies lying in bed wide awake, even after the lights are out. Get into the routine of discontinuing use of artificial light devices at least one hour before sleeping. If reading on a tablet is part of your routine, use the “night-time” setting which reduces the blue light that disrupts melatonin.


Our vision is greatly affected by regular screen time. With extended screen use, our eyes become strained, dry, and sometimes blurry.  To relieve the strain on your eyes throughout the day, be sure to look away from the screen for a 20 second break every 20 minutes. You can also adjust the brightness of your screen, as well as tilting it so that the brightest impact is not always directly in your eyes.


Extended electronic use at work and in the home can impact our health. Because screens allow us to be sedentary while mentally active, it is contributing to weight gain over time. You can imagine, the slow creep of a few pounds each month adds up to a problematic health issue over the years. Use your phone to set reminders to stand, walk, or stretch throughout your day. It’s important to have screen time limitations at home as well.

Screen time is an addiction, in a way. These days, it’s become such a force of habit for young adults to pick up their phones and scroll aimlessly through social media, chasing the good-feeling that each “like” and “share” gives them. The chemical dopamine is responsible for our reliance on our phones for feeling good. To remedy this, enforce screen time limits for the whole family, even yourself. Designate screen-free time during family meals and other group activities like board games or outdoor play.

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