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Are you “Hangry”?

Never mess with a person that is ‘Hangry’ – You won’t like them when they are hangry. The word does have a cliché feel, but it is proven that people do get angry and irritable when they are hungry.


‘Hangry’, (a mashup of hungry and angry) is what happens when people get grumpy and they are overdue for a proper meal. You may have seen people being short with servers for late food service, or a baby crying when they aren’t fed.

The condition has nothing to do with their behavior or rude attitude, it’s in their body and mind, which is the recipe for hangry.

How it Works

The food that we eat contains fats, proteins, nutrients, and carbohydrates, which are digested into simple sugar (glucose) and amino acids. They pass into the bloodstream where they are distributed to our organs and tissues, and used for energy.

But once energy levels start to decline, things start to change. Yikes! What’s happening?

By now your body is going into overdrive and begins to send signals to your organs to start releasing hormones. The hormones cortisol and epinephrine are released in an attempt to bring things back to normal. Unfortunately, these changes can make it hard to concentrate and you may even find yourself start to snap at people. Oh oh!

How to Contain It

So how do you keep from getting hangry? The answer varies based on the individual but it’s important to feed the hangry monster healthy foods. Most people who are hangry tend to opt for sugary snacks like cookies or candy. However, eating those foods will quickly take your sugary high into a cranky crash.

The easiest way to control your hunger throughout the day is to eat snacks like fruit, veggies, nuts or yogurt so it will hold you over until your next meal.