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Evasion from Skin Abrasions

Skin abrasions are common enough. They are especially common if you are an athlete, or have an interest in sports and outdoor activities. Abrasions are common afflictions of the skin in which the friction due to contact peels off the epidermis or the dermis (the protection layers) of the skin and cause bleeding or irritation. They can occur in form of burns and cuts as well, but most notably happen when exposed skin rubs off in a collision or an accident. Certain precautions and treatments can help you in dealing with these abrasions effectively, and in case of a serious injury or lack of first aid, it is very important to visit a nearby urgent care center. Not only can an infection be risked with late treatment but you also can get immediate relief and prevent long term damage this way.

evasion from skin abrasions

  • In case you do get your skin scraped, the first step to follow is to clean the wound with a non-fiber shedding material. Ensure that you use an anti-septic when cleaning the wound, such as Betadine.

  • Do not scrub at the irritated skin as that can cause further bleeding.

  • Make sure the wound cleaning is done with a sterile and non-sticking fiber.

  • Wash with mild soap and water and use hydrogen peroxide as an anti-septic as it is an effective first aid against minor abrasions.

  • It is always advised to get a tetanus booster if the skin is badly scratched, if the injury area has caused immense bleeding, and if there was possible exposure to tetanus.

  • Incised wounds are even more dangerous as they can cause severe bleeding and can even be fatal. The first thought in case of deep cuts is to apply pressure on the injured area to prevent blood loss.

  • Always ensure to cover the wound with a clean dressing if the cut is deep. In case the dressing becomes stained, do not remove it but add more dressing material on top of it.

  • Healing ointments and lotions can speed up the process of repairing the damaged dermis and epidermis; however it is important to use these only after consulting with a doctor or a care center specialist.

  • Protective pads around the knees and elbows can prevent serious scrapes or collisions from developing into nasty injuries. If you have children in the house, then make sure that all sharp objects are kept in a place that the child cannot reach.