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Tampa’s Best in Urgent Care

With its new location, Centra Care is committed to delivering top-quality urgent healthcare to residents and visitors in the Tampa Bay area. Whether you have a minor cold or a chronic illness, Centra Care will provide you instant access to the resources, infrastructure and information you need to get back on your feet or manage your symptoms.

Centra Care offers a wide range of services to tackle any non-life-threatening ailment or illness you may be struggling with. Our team of board-certified physicians specializes in adult and pediatric care, and receives training in cardiac and advanced life support for emergency situations. No matter what the illness, our physicians are there to ensure quality care.

Our location in Tampa Bay houses state-of-the-art equipment, to treat you on-site. As a one-stop solution for your urgent medical needs, we offer on-site labs, x-rays, stitches, and physicals, among other services. Our medication dispensary eliminates your need to visit a pharmacy by offering most of the common and specialized medicines you may require. Whether you have a child with diarrhea, suffer from seasonal allergies or an ankle sprain, or are a caregiver for someone with a chronic condition such as asthma, you can expect the most superior and comprehensive medical attention from Centra Care.

We also offer corporate healthcare solutions to both public and private employers. From travel medicine services and wellness management to drug screenings and alcohol testing, Centra Care is an occupational health provider with over 30 years of experience with small businesses, governments and Fortune 500 companies. Our business services are especially tailored to be in line with each client’s unique strategic vision and goals, and we work as partners to help businesses boost employee well-being and control expenditures.

Our newest location in Tampa Bay is open seven days a week, and does not need reservations for medical care. This means you can walk in anytime you require help, and our team of physicians will be available to evaluate and respond to your condition. At Centra Care, we are committed to providing an affordable alternative to the ER for urgent, non-life-threatening situations, and to helping you get better.