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Wishing You a Healthy New Year

Healthy eating has always been a concern among all. Despite all the efforts to stay fit, we do unequivocally end up falling back into the eating routine in which we go after everything that tastes good. A great way to start the year, and to set example for the rest of the months to come, is to eat healthy. Oral diseases, stomach problems, and excess calories, are just the tip of the iceberg on how what we eat can affect us so let us look at what we can do to start eating healthy this year.

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Where to Start

Even if you consume junk food from time to time, you can reduce the detrimental effect upon your health. You don’t need to completely cut out your favorite foods like pizza or cheeseburgers, instead eat them in moderation and smaller portions at a time. Some other helpful tips for you to make small changes to your healthy eating habits:

  • Chew your food: not only does it let you enjoy the meal but it also is healthier than gulping your bites quickly.
  • Eat often with others: Psychologically it avoids overeating and also lets you be more mindful of your eating habits.
  • Smaller portions, smaller plates: Excess of any food is bad so start with smaller portions on a small plate to make it look bigger. If you’re still hungry once you finish you can refill your plate.
  • Start with a good breakfast: A good breakfast is key to getting your metabolism going. After that, your meals should be controlled in their size and intake.

More tips for a healthy new year:
• Cut down on soda
• Consume more egg whites than the yolks
• Make sure to get enough protein whether it’s with meat or beans
• Use less sugar in your tea or coffee
• Drink more water
• Eat when your body tells you it’s hungry and not when bored
• Avoid eating too close to when you go to sleep
• Stock your pantry with non-processed snacks
• Roast your vegetables in the oven instead of frying them on the stovetop

Simplify the things you eat by purchasing basic fruits and veggies. When you tell yourself that certain foods are off limit, you are more likely to indulge in those foods. Instead, by limiting junk food and not eliminating it, and stocking your pantry with healthier snacks and ingredients, you will go to those healthier foods first. Moderation is the keyword: so here’s to a fitter and healthier new year.