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Germs Don’t Take a Vacation

A change in routine can throw your immunity off track making you vulnerable to infections or illnesses. Throw in airplanes, hotels or popular destinations and there’s no doubt you’ve entered the vacation germ zone.

Here are some simple remedies to keep your family healthy when on vacation.

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Items to Pack
Lysol or anti bacterial wipes to clean the items that we most often touch like doorknobs, remote controls, counters, and hotel room phones.
Soap, disinfectants, and toothpaste to avoid possible bacteria from the ones provided by the hotel in the bathroom.
Over the counter medicine in case of catching a cough, allergy, or headache; the last thing you want on vacation is to feel ill.

While En Route
Wait to board – if your seat is not assigned, waiting to board can help you avoid the germs from others who are also waiting at the gate.
Stay hydrated and sip on water throughout your flight. When the mucus membranes start to dry out, which often happens on an airplane, it can leave you vulnerable to airborne illnesses.
Turn on the air vent – Simply put, the air from the vent helps push away the airborne germs.
Once settled, wipe down your surrounding area with disinfectant wipes to help prevent direct germ contact.
To prevent contact with other sick passengers, once you’re in your seat – stay put. Just walking up and down the airplane aisle can expose you to other germs.

Things to Watch Out For
Bedbugs on the mattress including small red spots and white eggs
Skin contact with carpets, curtains, and even furniture that could be dusty or have germs from previous guests
Reviews of the hotel and look for cleanliness ratings and meal reviews

Keep it safe, keep it clean, and enjoy your vacation.