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Germs Don’t Take a Vacation

Most of the diseases that we come across can be avoided or prevented simply by following the rules of hygiene. When going on vacations, a lot of us stay in hotels that follow standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Even though hotels keep up with sanitation, there are others staying in the hotel room before you and it is important to follow your own personal hygiene. These rules can still be applied even if you are staying at a very luxurious and well-maintained hotel because it is important to avoid any form of disease, specifically contagious kinds.

Germs don't take a vacation

Items to pack:

  • Lysol or anti bacterial wipes to clean the items that we most often touch like doorknobs, remote controls, counters, and hotel room phones
  • Soap, disinfectants, and toothpaste to avoid possible bacteria from the ones provided by the hotel in the bathroom
  • Over the counter medicine in case of catching a cough, allergy, or headache; the last thing you want on vacation is to feel ill

Things to watch out for:

  • Bedbugs on the mattress including small red spots and white eggs
  • Skin contact with carpets, curtains, and even furniture that could be dusty or have germs from previous guests
  • Reviews of the hotel and look for cleanliness ratings and meal reviews
  • The surrounding exterior area for hygiene purposes including trash in the streets and wild pests

Keep it safe, keep it clean, and enjoy your vacation.