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Beating Cancer with a Positive Attitude

Here’s our own Dr. Holly Johnson being interviewed on FOX 35 on her book, Pick It and Flick It: The Prescription I Wrote for My Healing. Included below, Dr. Johnson shares a thought that she had after watching the segment.

Beating cancer with a postive attitude.


“Interview of My Heart: When LJ Caught Me Off Guard.”
by Holly Johnson, M.D.

I didn’t expect LJ to say, “You made it look so easy” and then ask me if it was that easy. The truth is, trusting in God’s will was easy. He is, after all, The Great Physician. Learning that I had cancer, watching my family & friends cry and worry, surgery, chemo, XRT, and the pain, however, were certainly NOT easy. Thank God suffering and grace work together.

The book is available to purchase here.