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Pick It and Flick It: The Prescription I Wrote for My Healing


Our own Dr. Holly Johnson shares a short preview from her book, Pick It and Flick It: The Prescription I Wrote for My Healing, about her own personal journey of how she went from doctor-turned-patient and eventually overcame it all to become a fierce cancer crusher.

by Holly Johnson, M.D.

In the beginning of my diagnosis and this incredible journey I told myself that I wanted to feel everything, really sit still and feel it, whether that meant pain or no pain, weakness or strength, joy of heart or heartache, a sweaty head or cool breeze. Whatever I was feeling, I knew that God wanted it for me, in that particular moment, and with a purpose.

They say that doctors make the worst patients. In Pick It and Flick It, Holly Johnson, M.D. affirms that it doesn’t have to be that way as she shares the emotional, spiritual, and physical reality of how she conquered a potentially devastating diagnosis and kept away the demons of hopelessness, uncertainty, and fear that commonly paralyze any person who is faced with a life-altering event. In this true story of doctor-turned-patient, she squashes her inner enemies with a hit of humor, a punch of grace, and a few temporary tattoos. Written just for you, Dr. Johnson shares her own prescription for healing that she wrote when her body staged a revolution so she could undergo an evolution.

The book is available to purchase here.

Dr. Johnson is an urgent care, family practice physician who works for Florida Hospital Centra Care whose professional motto is, “You don’t have to be sick to get better!” She attended Indiana University School of Medicine and pursued her internship and residency at Florida Hospital, the largest admitting hospital in the United States.