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5 UTI Facts Parents Should Know

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For those who’ve experienced a UTI, we know the condition is quite painful. However, for little ones who are unable to express how they feel, the condition can be mistaken for something else. Here are a few things parents should know when it comes to dealing with UTI.

1. A UTI ...

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Are they picky or is it food allergies? 🍕🍦🍳 🍞

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As your little one gets older you start to introduce them to different foods. With most kids, there’s a constant battle when it comes to eating fruits and veggies. You even reach out to other parents for healthy eating tips but as time goes on, you begin to suspect that something your child is eating is indeed causing them quite a bit of ...

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When kids have fever, moms may panic

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For parents, a fever can be scary. But when your child is otherwise healthy, it’s usually not too serious. Typically, a fever is just a sign the little ones are fighting something off, but what exactly that is and what should be done can be hard to determine. 

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Flu Season: When will it end?

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The flu has definitely made an impact here in Florida. In fact, Tim Hendrix, MD, Florida Hospital Centra Care’s Medical Director, stated that even though flu numbers have decreased, cases are still higher than last season’s peak.

As moms, we know there’s no time to get sick. So our mom panel shares their own prevention tips and more.

Confirmed flu cases have increased this past ...

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Moms, who understands you most? Other moms, of course!

That’s why Florida Hospital Centra Care created What’s Going Around… MOMDAYS. This panel of real moms share their stories and give practical answers to health issues their families have encountered.

Catch MOMDAYS, with host Pamela Brady, every Monday right here on, Centra Care’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or even TV. And if you have a health story or question from a mom’s perspective, send it in. Not only will you get an ...

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Don’t assume it’s over. Flu season surpasses 2009 epidemic

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This year’s flu statistics continue to remain elevated and the season shows no sign of ending anytime soon, that’s according to the CDC’s latest data. Locally, Centra Care locations have treated over 10,000 flu patients this season.

So how can you protect yourself from developing flu-related complications? (Flu-related complications can include: pneumonia, sepsis, encephalitis and even heart or kidney failure.) It starts with knowing the symptoms. If you experience the sudden ...

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Caring for a flu patient?

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This year’s flu season is set to surpass all prior years in severity, even worse than 2009 H1N1. In fact, Centra Care’s most recent data shows that over 1,100 patients were treated for the flu across all its locations. So what do you do if ...

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Flu Season Off to an Early Start

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Both the holiday season and flu season coincided this year as numbers of confirmed influenza cases continue to rise across Florida. So far, influenza A (H3) is the most common strain reported this season. According to the CDC, seasons where influenza A (H3) was the most dominant ...

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Don’t ignore the flu

Chills, fever, body aches – you know when it’s more than just a cold. And when experiencing these symptoms, especially with little ones, it’s important not to ignore them.

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While anyone can get sick with flu, this year’s flu season is coming on fast and impacting some of the most ...

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2017 Official Rules

1. Eligibility: The Crazy Christmas Sweater Contest by Centra Care is open only to those who are 18 of age or older as of the date of entry. The Contest by Centra Care is only open to legal residents of the state of Florida, and is void where prohibited by law. Employees of Florida Hospital Centra Care, its affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies, and suppliers, (collectively the “Employees”), and immediate family members and/or those living in the same household ...

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